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          年轻护士2高清中文字幕 邻居寂寞人妻中文字幕 美丽人妻被按摩中出中文字幕-历史悠久

            Address from Board Chairman  

          Making great efforts to grasp the new requirements of the era and Striving to create a new situation of work in the Group

          In 2018, in the face of the complicated and ever-changing external situation and business environment, Guangdong Energy Group, led by Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, directly faced challenges, overcome difficulties, gathered together and make efforts to strive for a strengthened self-discipline of the Party, the stable overall security situation, stable business performance, and positive results of high-quality development, reform and innovation.


          In 2018, we insisted on putting political construction in the first place and strictly administered the Party and controlled the Party comprehensively; carried out the activities of “leader’s leadership and supervision” and “learning, deep research, and effective implementation” to promote Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and spirit indicated and approved by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important talks on work of Guangdong and the detailed implementation of the spirit of the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 12th Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China in the Group, which strengthened the leadership of the Party and continuously improved the quality of party building, thus providing a strong political guarantee for the reform, development, operation and management of the Group.


          In 2018, we closely adhered to the goal of safety production, adhered to the concept of safety development, strictly implemented safety production responsibilities, and strengthened and innovated safety management, risk prevention and control, and solidified the foundation work in a targeted manner, focused on implementing two responsibilities, reinforced the responsibility to strengthen the basic grassroots level, effectively implemented safety production, and maintained a stable safety production situation throughout the year.


          In 2018, we adhered to the market-oriented and efficiency-centered principle and fully played financial guarantee and promotion role, continued to build and improve the Group’s power marketing system, accelerated the construction of the province’s electricity sales network, and focused on improving the ability of participation in the power spot market. The annual sales volume of electricity sold was 48.943 billion kWh, and the scale of electricity sales ranked first in the province. The efficiency of foreign investment and diversified business operations had increased significantly. The Group issued corporate bonds of RMB 2 billion for the first time and the financial company was once again awarded the “National Best Finance Company of the Year”, and the self-insured company successfully conducted the first international road show for offshore wind power insurance.


          In 2018, we focused on implementing the reform of state-owned enterprises and the structural reform at energy supply side. The key reforms such as the adjustment of the Group’s management and control mode, the disposal of “zombie enterprises” and the “three supply and one industry” separation and transfer were fully promoted. The power supply structure and asset structure were continuously optimized. The proportion of coal-fired installed capacity had dropped from over 80% to less than 75%; the development and construction of natural gas pipeline network in eastern, western and northern part of Guangdong was accelerated; the layout of upstream and downstream industrial chains was progressing steadily; and deep diversification and optimization were carried out continuously.


          In 2018, we adhered to innovation and leadership, thoroughly implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development of provincial enterprises, vigorously carried out independent innovation and technological innovation, and focused on innovative R&D and transformation of results in energy conservation, emission reduction, and operational efficiency so as to achieve innovation and economic benefits. We have won 3 China Power Science and Technology Awards, 6 China Power Innovation Awards, 7 National Power Staff Technical Achievement Awards; 75 new authorized patents and 18 new software copyrights.


          In 2018, we vigorously accelerated the development of clean energy construction. The preliminary work of the water pumping and energy storage project inside and outside the province was steadily advanced. The first large-scale offshore megawatt wind power project entered the batch installation stage. Several offshore wind power projects were approved. A total of 328,000 kilowatts of onshore wind power and photovoltaic projects inside and outside the province were approved or filed. New progress had been made in the clean energy resource reserve.


          In 2018, we actively fulfilled our commitment to “create green energy with heart”, fulfilled our social responsibilities, continued to carry out in-depth pollution control, completed the ultra-low emission transformation of all conventional coal-fired units in the Group system, and enhanced on-site environmental monitoring. We promoted the construction of “Green Water Project” in an orderly manner, accelerated the implementation of the zero-emission project of wastewater from thermal power plant and the denitrification transformation of Guangqian and Huizhou natural gas generator sets to enhance Guangdong’s green recycling and low-carbon development.


          Looking back on 2018, Guangdong Energy Group’s achievements were inseparable from the correct leadership of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and the provincial state-owned assets committee and were inseparable from the strong support of the shareholders, the care and support of all walks of life and hard work of all Guangdong Energy Group’s employees. We would like to express our highest respect and heartfelt thanks to everyone!


          The year of 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is the key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way and successfully achieving the 13th Five-Year Plan. It is also the first year of the official operation of the Group’s three-level management and control mode. We shall always insist on Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and strive to create a new situation for the work of the Group with new duties and measures, and promote the Group to continue to be stronger and better, in order to make a due contribution to the goal of “four aspects ranking first in the country” and “two important windows” of Guangdong.

          Li Zhuoxian

          Chairman of Guangdong Energy Group

          年轻护士2高清中文字幕 邻居寂寞人妻中文字幕 美丽人妻被按摩中出中文字幕

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